I still have my light in the absence of innocence ⠀
It goes when it shows you the truth is indifferent⠀
I still have my fire but I don’t have my need⠀
The things that I reached for they no longer lead⠀
I still have my faith but I don’t have my doctrine⠀
It’s more of the moment, inspired concoction ⠀
I know when it comes that I don’t have to get it⠀
Or spend countless hours consumed in mass rhetoric ⠀

I still have my mind and I hope it’s been stretched⠀
If it’s programmed to trust then it won’t interject⠀
I still have my swag my chutzpah finesse⠀
I tried being bland but it didn’t connect⠀
I still have my circles, interchanged I suppose⠀
A reason, a season, you know how it goes ⠀
& moments of clarity I’m more certain of those ⠀
Directives to sail and how the wind blows ⠀

I feel for these kids, keep their spirit protected⠀
I remember what it was being young and affected⠀
With their idealism or the need to express⠀
It may not be polished but sincere as it gets⠀
Let's let them be young and not quash their reception⠀
Or limit their freedom to find their connection⠀
I just needed someone to say "it's ok"⠀
You’ll figure this shit out, somehow or some day⠀




Each piece comes with an attached signature logo tag.


Diameter 70cm (27.5 inch)

Handwoven wool, string and yarn