This modern piece is inspired by the attempt to recreate “Terrazzo” in the form of a fibre weaving. ⠀

The following is an excerpt on “The History of Terrazzo” from⠀

“The history of terrazzo dates back over five hundred years. Terrazzo (Italian for “Terrace) floors were invented in Venice during the 15th century. Workers were left with oddly shaped pieces of marble after jobs. They would put the small marble rocks in clay and grind them flat for a more comfortable walking surface. The workers used a tool called a “Galera” to allow them to grind while in a standing position. The terrazzo would only show its true color when wet until workers discovered the milk of their goats worked as a finish to allow the terrazzo to show its real color. In 1924 the Galera was improved to create electric grinding equipment for a smoother finish. This was the original terrazzo finish. Shortly thereafter, white Portland cement was introduced into the industry. Portland cement could be dyed all sorts of colors, allowing for a limitless variety of terrazzo.”⠀



Each piece comes with an attached signature logo tag.


Diameter: 67cm (26 inch)

Handwoven wool and yarn