All the forecasting you need. Everything you need to know. All events, predictions, trends and set timelines stem from the understanding of your position. If you can see the past you can see your future. When you understand where you are in the timeline you can see where you are headed to next.⠀

Nature has its own progression. And although we often think we exist external to it, we are more interlinked than we realize, no matter how “close to nature” we believe we are. We are always transmuting and riding on waves. Waves of energy, information, consciousness, streaming at us, streaming through us. If you tune in, you can learn to attune to different band widths. Those bandwidths contain consciousness. They exist regardless of your ability to attune to the knowledge consciously or not. ⠀


Each piece comes with an attached signature logo tag.


Diameter 60cm (23.5 inch)


Handstitched wool, yarn, gold reflective sequins and copper beads