In times of uncertainty, lack of motivation or focus we need to look back on the journey to understand where we are now. Our feelings can be subtle, but if ignored can create problems down the line.

Inspiration comes from identity. The way we identify ourselves, who we are, what are goals are, what our values are and what the meaning we attribute to our life is. This is not a constant immutable thing. It changes as we change. So when we don’t evaluate the way we have changed and still try to operate in the same way, eventually we run out of motivation.

Every junction gives us time to ask ourselves “Who am I now?” “Which direction am I going with next?” and importantly “Why?” The next stage of life has to reflect a greater sense of purpose if we are to feel satisfied in its operation and form and function. If we are afraid that we no longer find the same meaning in what we used to do then it’s time to reevaluate what our purpose is? Whether it’s determined and defined through action in the outer world or simply something we need to acknowledge within ourselves about who we are now at this time and what is still worthwhile to us.


Each piece comes with an attached signature logo tag

Approx 56 cm ( 22 inch ) diameter

Materials: yarn, wool, sequins, rondelle beads