There’s a time to be yin and a time to be yang. What works at one point ain’t always gonna be it and when we try to just ignore and go back to the same formula that worked last week without the same fruits bearing, the universe will go “Na uh uh!”

The wisdom is to recognize when something is out of your control and you are being forced to switch gears, from yin back yang or yang to yin. From action to being and feeling, and then back to movement and creation. Everything has a cycle and we see that in nature, but we try to override it in our own heads and bank on some sort of guaranteed rhythm as always being the m.o. ⠀

The more I understand the more I don’t really understand. Because when I think I have a grasp and an understanding I’m then shown something I don’t get yet, or I’m not on top of. And this isn’t even just on an intellectual level. It is the mind, body, spirit, emotion, all of it. It’s like which part of the wheel am I being to drawn to study from now. Life is kinda spinning that wheel and where it lands is where the universe is dictating my lesson.⠀

My fear of that frustrates me, because I find it weak. When I get frustrated at the fear in others it also the frustration with myself at the times I don’t trust that it’s ok to not understand right now. I do think I’m getting better with the freak out moments. To kinda just observe and recognize the illusion of them while they still feel real. Y’all know what I’m taking about . ⠀

I know when I’m being sucked into the vortex of a cycle where I’m like “ok this is something that’s gonna be bigger than a quick fix” . And then my mind is trying to gauge “ok how long is this shit gonna take?” “How long before it passes?”. ⠀

The answer the universe gives me is “as long as it f&$king needs to”⠀


46cm diameter / 80cm full length

Handwoven wool, yarn, sequins, wooden and acryllic beads, goose feathers


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