Integration occurs when energy is moved to cycle through and blend its cumulative experience, information & effect. A color palette signifies scale and dimension of expression . When we are integrating, we are blending these expressions of energy together. The high points, the low ends, the soft tones, the rough charges. All of these experiences within the story combine to reach completion and integration within the self. When you bake a cake, and you pour the ingredients into a mixing bowl, it is the whisking together of the flavors and effects of these ingredients that creates the alchemy. The process can occur and create something because it has been blended in.⠀


Our energy centers work in a similar fashion. Information and processing has to be cycled through in order to assimilate. Any block in any energy centre is created when this stirring does not move information around and through. Something does not want to be assimilated into one’s experience, and there is a rejection of its tone, color, frequency. In order for the full effect of the alchemy to take shape, all the tones must be blended through.⠀


Our ability to sustain depends so strongly on our ability to process and integrate, experience, information at higher speeds. The cycle is spinning faster in order to wash through everything that is needed for ascension. If we can allow this process to continue we realize we are energetically raising our harmonic in the acceptance of all these pieces of experience, expressions of color, and how the blending of them can light up our planet from the ground. ⠀


Diameter of wheel: 45cm

Full length top to bottom approx: 1.2m


Handwoven wool, yarn, macrame



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