oculus VI “Lone Wolf”⠀
a round or eye-like opening or design, in particular:⠀
a circular window.⠀
the central boss of a volute. .⠀

Certain understandings can only be integrated through singular experience and travails. This comes from a place within where we desire to know the terrain first hand and not be dependent on the map or the guidance of others. We are desiring to understand how we can teach ourselves through experience and come to our own knowing.⠀

There may be a hidden part of self that requires the internal challenge as a way of being able to understand a reference to something, to be able to see it in others, and then be able to explain it. It becomes first hand material.⠀

The lone wolf is the totem that represents that kind of teaching. To break from the pack and forge it alone in order to seek one’s own lessons and understandings. To trust and harness one’s own instincts to survive. 


Wolf medicine is about that regulation of learning which is self implied and generated. It’s the part of self which desires to direct its own consciousness and seek it’s own teachings. We become both the student and teacher of self through directed experience. Through the solo quest of engagement of learning. ⠀



Each piece comes with an attached signature logo tag.


Handwoven wool and warn

Diameter 67cm (26.3 inch)