oculus V / ˈɒkjʊləs/ “Playing with fire” 🔥 ⠀

Having a spirit of adventure is the will to recreate one’s experience in the moment and instill new responses to the environment around us. It is finding new life and creating new story for self. A trust that a new experience can be found and created if there’s enough of a desire to do so.⠀

Breaks in routines, stagnation and habits are essential from time to time. Elevating a sense of one’s connection to life, allows for new energies to come in, where they may at times be filtered out when a person isn’t open to trying something different. ⠀

“The Fool” card in the tarot, marks the beginning of a new journey and new adventure. It is the confidence and the expectation of the universe supporting this new adventure, that allows the fool to charismatically step off the cliff with his face towards the heavens. He doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into, but he’s back again to experience a new cycle of life, a new adventure and new possibilities that await. ⠀



Each piece comes with an attached signature logo tag.


65cm diameter (25.5 inch)

handwoven wool and yarn