oculus IV / Heart Merge
Keywords: alignment, compassion, forgiveness, trust, joy, receiving, acknowledgement and greater awareness
Listening to our inner desires paves the way towards our dreams. As we allow ourselves to open a door towards greater expansion we realise the ways we have been unknowingly holding ourselves back from the greater expression of love. Our innate mode of operation is growth and expansion, continuing down the exploration and creation of different branches of development. It’s is the seed of love in the heart that allows this action within us to be spurred onward so that we can create more of what we are seeking.


One open path leads to another. The more permissions we grant ourselves to open doors, the more readily we can access transformation. The heart is ultimately guiding us to spread more of our love in the world through experience and participation, leading us to the actions we need in order to access the vibration we are seeking.



Each piece comes with an attached signature logo tag.


Handwoven yarn, wool and string

Diameter 50cm (19.6 inch) approx