oculus III / Heart Contention

Keywords: discord, disagreement, avoidance, fear, challenges, communication, direction of self, seeking inner answers, facing inner turmoil, facing our pain, expressing our hearts needs.

When we are not listening to what the heart is telling us, with each cycle that passes we feel more “disheartened” without bringing awareness to the cause of the problem, the “contention” being where our heart is not agreeing with what we have been rolling along with.

Everything from the outside can seem orderly, as if it’s all working for us, but we may be trying to control a situation from the outside, while trying to ignore the messages of suffering that our heart sends us. The true healing that it needs, which may require a confrontation of an aspect we are afraid to face or express.


Bravery comes from taking this contention and turning it back into love through expression and vulnerability. Being able to go beyond our fear in the dualism of what we are resisting and getting really honest with ourselves in terms of what action we need to take. On some level we always know when we are procrastinating, because the heart is somehow not in the choice, or not satisfied in being continuously ignored and not made priority. .

If we want our life to blossom from the inside out we need to be prioritizing our hearts messages, what it is whispering to us, what it is telling us we need more of in our lives. What we need to take responsibility of. What we need to get in front of, before it manifests as disorder and disease in our lives.


Each piece comes with an attached signature logo tag.


Handwoven yarn, wool and string

Diameter 66cm (26 inch)