oculus II
a round or eye-like opening or design, in particular:
a circular window.
the central boss of a volute. .

Often when we are seeking resolution we are attempting to change the details and the objects of the situation. We are attempting to discount what exists in visibility and objectivity in order to replace what lies in our view with a different picture. In some respects discounting our objective reality in hope of replacing it with another through force and effort. In this chase to command manifestation we often miss the details in the picture already in front of us that can provide clues and understanding of how we change our perception of what we see, while the picture is still the same in front of us.

I’d say 90 something percent of the time the healing I witness in people is the shift in perception which then creates the more harmonious reality. It’s the “surrender in order to receive” approach. When the shift can’t be recognized, received, perceived because the mind is too busy defending its stance, sometimes words are useless, and that’s when the support needs to be felt through the body. That’s when we use modality, vibrational healing, nature, laughter, play, celebration, art, whatever can speak to the senses beyond words. The feeling and shift in senses can align us in a way where we can come back to the view of our reality, which may still be the same, and allow us to perceive it with different feeling. 



Each piece comes with an attached signature logo tag.


Handwoven yarn, wool and string

Diameter 62cm (24.5 inch)