There once was a goddess who is believed to be the inspiration for all the mermaids stories that have been told around the world for thousands of years. This goddess was Assyrian goddess Atargatis, goddess of the moon, feminine powers and water.


Atargatis was worshiped in a temple dedicated to her in the ancient city of Ascalon in Israel. It was told that her temple was completely made of gold and there was a giant statue of Atargatis also made from pure gold and diamonds. There was a pool in the temple and the worshipers of Atargatis had to swim through the pool to get to the altar. The pool was filled with living fishes that were fed daily and taken care of. Fishes and doves were sacred animals to Atargatis. The dove was an emblem of love and fish a symbol of fertility and bounty.

I liken the colour and the feeling of this piece to that of a mermaid. The soft tones, the feminine flashes of pink and other pastels, and the reflective translucent colour of the sequins remind me of fish scales.


(Credit to for source information on Atargatis)



Each piece comes with an attached signature logo tag.


approx  56 cm (22 inch) diameter .


Materials: yarn, wool, sequins, acryllic beads