The weaving process is unique for each individual that I make something for.

I'm really open to the collaborative process in terms of ideas, the vibe and the look you want to create, as well as placement and what you want the piece to represent. 

I've made commission pieces as birthday gifts, wedding gifts, for healing centres, for bedrooms, lounge rooms and meditation rooms in the home. Whether you're going for deeper energetic representation, or merely the aesthetic, I can work with you to achieve an amazing end result.

Often as a guide, I'll suggest that the enquirer has a look over my past works to see the variety of styles I've put together, and we can go off something similar or line with these previous works, or if you're to let me fully drive, I can tune into the look and the feel that would connect with you.

Commission rates begin at $400 for a wall piece around approx 50cm in diameter with potential length up to a meter, or $500 / $800 for larger full wall scale pieces

Please also feel free to visit my instagram for the latest works emerging and more often updated