Why I weave

Finding Inspiration in Every Thread

"Fibre art was something that I came into very unexpectedly. In my early thirties I attended a spiritual development course. During one of our meditations I was shown a beautiful dreamcatcher, but then all these images of different and various weavings flashed really quickly in my mind. I couldn't fully see them, but it was as if they left an imprint in my mind.

After that workshop I felt inspired to create my first weaving, and from then the next, and so on. I like to think that in a way I was seeing all the future creations that I would bring into this world in that meditation."

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Our Story

"I like to provide a narrative and a story for each piece. My work comes from a very intuitive place. The formula for me is I have to feel the work. It has to resonate. Even the titling of each piece comes through like a channeling, I often get the name of it in my head just before I complete it, and I like to tune into the message of the piece, which I often include in the write up descriptions."

Based out of Melbourne Australia

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Meet The Team