Hi I'm Maurice, your friendly local Shamanic Healer and Emotional Intuitive.


What is it that I do?


My job is feeling and sensing blockages in people and helping them to remove them.

How does that work exactly?

Well, when you've been on the path for a while and you've studied certain modalities like branches of kinesiology, reiki and psychic development work, you begin to develop your own style of healing and psychic gifts that become your own way of reading people. You develop ways of helping them to clear out the things that they don't need or that are stopping them in some manner. Usually it's stuff we are blind to, or else we wouldn't be seeking something, would we?

Think of it like a mix of counselling, energy healing and psychic reading all rolled into one.

So what sorts of things do you clear?

Pretty much anything in any area, emotional blocks, financial blocks, feeling ungrounded, stress, lack of clarity or understanding around issues. I channel information around the questions that you may have, to put things in a broader perspective, which expands you and then allows you to feel more empowered. At the end of the day, the sessions are experiential. I could try to relay what it will be like, but every person and every session is different and unique. What I will say though, is this:

I always work with what is energetically relevant at the time that I see you.

So by this, it means I am guided to the area we need to look at, heal or discuss, because that's the correct and most beneficial focus point at that particular time, based on where you are currently in your life. Healing is about what is relevant and what resonates in the moment. And that's what makes it magical.

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As an artist and a healer I combine two mediums that I love to work with and express myself through. 

My fibre art is an expression of healing, whether these pieces are used for aesthetic decoration, meditation, contemplation or an aspect of your sacred space.


Healing is the profession I've grown through in the last ten years, clearing blocks in my clients energetic fields and helping them to realign their energy centres.


This platform also allows me to combine these two passions, offering healing and commissioned weaving pieces tailored to my clients individual stories and personalized for their own journeys.


With my healing work,

I provide a holistic and experiential process where we can rapidly clear blockages in the energy field, ground and reconnect the emotional body to the physical body, as well as extract energies that are hooked in to our field that no longer serve us.

Through a combination of sound, sounding tools, flower essences, channelling, intuition, discussion, EFT, reiki, energetic extraction and intention based shamanic ritual, I've fleshed out a format of healing that works to peel back energetic layers of debris from a person's energy field, ground them and return them to a space of ease and solidity.

Through transforming the nervous system and allowing oneself a clear space to integrate and process, shifts can be made very quickly. Changes can occur in the emotional, mental, physical and light bodies.

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